1. The Metaphors of Movement by Andy Austin is by far the most brilliant and innovating work I have ever encountered in the field of change works.
    A regularly asked question in personal change processes is: “what is the difference that makes all the difference?” … So which difference, amongst so many presented ones, affects the whole experience.
    And this question actually makes it possible for me to describe the value of the MoM work.
    By developing MoM, Andy Austin introduced “a difference” in the field of change methods.
    This difference has completely changed my perception about change works.
    In my opinion this difference is so profound , that it immediately changed my ideas about methods of change and my way of working with people. So in clear words:the MoM model is the difference that makes all the difference

  2. I have been on a number of courses these last few years with many different trainers.

    The course does what it says “on the tin” and then some more.
    The structure was clearly set out and followed.
    Andy is a man who has clearly spent years perfecting his knowledge and delivery.

    He interacts with people the same way he would in a “Therapy” style session.

    His style is giving you information and then letting you explore that further.
    You can interact with him or choose not too and either is cool.

    I could go on and on about how much I learned but will say “The more I learnt with Andy, the more I wanted to learn. He has sparked my desire to dig deeper into my own Brain”.

    This is not your “NLP Whooping style course”

    For me it was “Andy made me look inside and then allowed me to find a way to move”

    Cheers Mate

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