Standards Guarantee

In random order, I wanted to give some values I have when training:

  • Your confidentiality is assured. No one will be “put on the spot” or asked to do anything they don’t want to do.
  • What happens in the training stays in the training. I will regularly be asking for volunteers for demos. Remember, MoM is content-free way of working, so you won’t be asked to give a personal history or any medical details of any form. Everyone booking will be required to agree to this condition and treat all contributions from the group with the same level of confidentiality as they would any client.
  • I know that not everyone wants to “participate” in a training, but some prefer to sit and watch in their own way.  This is easy via Zoom, just switch off your own camera and mute the mic, sit back with a coffee and enjoy. You are in control.
  • Personally I loathe the training style that is lots of waffle and little content. I endeavour to give as much information as possible and keep all waffle and hype to a minimum. Worried about information overload? You’ll have access to the recordings for a year after the training concludes.
  • No upsells. Again, I loathe it when trainers do this and use “training” as an excuse for a sales pitch for the next level training.